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Reliant is a company promoted by a group of professionals with rich and varied experience in the assembly, installation and maintenance of elevators and allied equipments spanning over a decade. Both the promoters have wide exposure in all the facets of assembling installation commissioning as also diagnosis and maintenance of various brands and types of elevators and allied equipments and systems.
The company has a centrally located and well equipped office in the heart of Cochin, supported by qualified and experienced Engineers and technicians.
Driven by a market need for custom-tailored elevator packages, Reliant Elevators & Escalators Private Ltd. provides flexible elevator designs that will fit in to a wide range of hoistway. Reliant provides the optimal solution for any new construction or modernization project.
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We believe that service excellence begins with each employee’s commitment to improve the things—no matter how small—that are in their control. By keeping an “at your service” attitude and striving to exceed our customers’ and each other’s expectations, we are working hard to become a benchmark for superior service—not just for elevator companies, but for all companies worldwide.
Elevators and escalators are a major capital investment and a vital part of your building's operation and image. The way these systems look, how smoothly they run, how fast they answer calls, how often they're out of service are facts which help or hurt your building's reputation and its marketability.
The only way to get top performance and long life: preventive maintenance, which means regular inspection, adjustment, and lubrication for elevators and escalators. These cares keep elevators and escalators operating at their best. At Elecon Elevator Co we are committed to providing customers with the utmost in personal service and professional care for their systems.
Our Services are:
  • Reliant can confidently undertake custom-made solutions to suit the specific requirements of each and every client.
  • In the present day competitive scenario, the quality of elevator service plays a significant role in enhancing the ambiance and elegance of every building, be it commercial or residential.
  • Coming with advanced technology, latest style features and innovative fixtures, Reliant offer exciting options to the Architects, Builders and building owners, contributing substantially to value addition and attracting tenants to the buildings.


Reliant Elevator & Escalator packages are designed to provide indipendent and OEM elevator contracters with reliable, turn-key, custom solutions for any modernization or new construction project. At the core of our packages are the most sophisticated open architecture controllers, machines and peripherals in the industry. Couple these with the highest quality cabs and entrances, surfaces and fixtures available, and Reliant Elevator packages will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Car & Car Fixtures

Reliant cars incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technology and comes, with different models and variants and are designed to offer  a wide range of features for enhanced ambiance, elegance and passenger comfort .The car interiors can be specially designed to perfectly harmonise with the interior decor of the buildings.

Multi-ray Entrance Protection system (optional)

Invisible multi-ray  infrared beams facilitate the opening of the doors. .These sensing rays detect passengers and objects in the path of closing doors within a fraction of second and instantly open the doors before they touch the passengers.
Dot Metric Dispaly

Liftgard ( Optional ) Scrolling dot metric display

The Liftgard is a battery operated automatic rescue device that takes over in the event of a power failure and brings the elevator safely to the nearest floor avoiding anxious moments for trapped passengers . Incorporating an electronic controller powered by maintenance free batteries. Liftgard ensures reliable and safe travel.

Car Operating Panels

Functional and elegant, it incorporates several advanced features designed to enhance passenger comfort and operational efficiency at your fingertip, assuring the passenger of call registration, faster response and timely information.


Return, side and rear panels offer a range of options in powder coated/ Stainless steel/ wooden / mirror.

Car Position Indicators

Digital seven  segment LED Display is provided in the car and at all landing floors.


Imperforate / Swing / Telescopic/ Center Opening.


Wooden/ Mild Steel / Stainless steel / Glass.

Drive Control

V3F Control ( Variable Voltage Variable Frequency ) .

Operational Control

Reliant elevators provide flexibility of operational controls to meet varied building needs, such as Simplex full Collective / Down Collective and Duplex Full Collective / Down Collective.

Landing Fixtures

Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) (Optional)

Infrared Car Protection Device (Optional)

The completely relaxed atmosphere can sometimes make you forget to get off the Elevator . Trust us to take care of that. A pleasant voiceover announces the floor on arrival to give you an additional sense of comfort.
Residential Elevator

Reliant solutions for residential buildings

Specially designed  for loads up to 300 kg Reliant Elevator  built on the Sturdy Gearless PVSM Green Star mini   of Bharat Bijlee, offers simplified vertical mobility , operates on 230V single phase domestic power supply and is travel efficient and  ecofriendly. It can permit entry from 3 sides. Over sixty years of enterprise and dedication in putting technology to work , bear testimony to Bharat Bijlee’s evolution from a pioneer of electrical engineering in india to one of the biggest and most trusted names in the industry today.
Reliant home elevator presents a perfect balance your elevator and your home’s interior design.

Salient Features of GreenStar Mini

Green Star Mini
Manufactured by Bharath Bijlee
  • The new Greenstar Mini simplifies vertical mobility inside your home
  • Travel comfortably to every floor
  • Give elderly and dependent people the freedom to move from floor without using the stairs
  • Greenstar Mini is a Gearless PMSM machine, ideal for loads up to 300 kg and travel up to 15 meters
  • Greenstar Mini is compact and facilitate elevators with a minimum of space and civil work
  • Greenstar Mini operates on single – Phase 230V domestic power supply
  • Greenstar Mini is Silent , It uses no oil , reduces power consumption and s also eco- friendly
  • Unique design and layout permit entrances from tree sides

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Hand Rail

Hand rails

Cabin Ceiling

Cabin Ceiling

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